Extreme Force / Die Höchstgewalt

Extreme force with its dominator’s stave
Has sent me to a world that by coercion is gripped.-
Now don’t bother me! Leave me in my grave!
The storm is past, my wings have been clipped.-

Evening Peace / Abendfrieden

A small bird sings quite soft to me:
“Why behind these walls all day
Do you want your happiness to waste away?
Come with me for a journey!

Bee’s Flight into the Blue / Bienenflug ins Blau

Beyond the house buzzed a little bee,
And in through a little window it sought
Sweet nectar from a flowering bush or tree.
Now the little bee is caught.

We are not we / Wir sind nicht wir

I am not me, you are not you.
The world plunges into flame.
When it collapses fully through,
It meets in me not me nor my name.

Morgensonnenbad / Morning Sun Bath

I lie within my cell since night,
Still caught in deeply sleeping pose
While brightness of the sun’s light
Approaches on its toes.